Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fixed a dead 1284p

The Problem:
Through the 1284p saga I ended up with a 1284p that I couldn't burn the bootloader to. It was working (sprinter running, random serial errors and restarts though) then the next day it quit. Later, when I tried to burn the correct fuse bit and bootloader I received a Device Signature = 0x000000.

Unless something had corrupted it, it had the Ext Crystal Osc. setting. I figured the fuse problem out after this chip died. I came to the conclusion that either something was messed up with the fuses or the micro was completely dead. I wanted to build a Fusebit Doctor, but didn't have the time to start another project at this point, so I bought a 644p and shelved the 1284p.

The Solution, or "I Had a Lucky Break!":
I kept thinking about the dead micro, it was really bugging me. Finally I decided to try it with a crystal oscillator instead of the resonator to see if that was it. I found a 16mhz crystal in my spare parts box and replaced the resonator on my breadboard with it, couldn't find 22pf caps, and the caps I found didn't work with it.

I still managed to burned a bootloader on it with just a 16mhz crystal, no caps. Now it seems fine again with the resonator and the new fuse settings, go figure.

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