Saturday, March 3, 2012

Logitech Wave Missing Keystrokes & Teardown

My Logitech wireless keyboard started missing keystrokes. It's really irritating. I tried a few different things before I figured it out.
  •  It was recommended to not have it's receiver plugged into a hub, so I plugged it directly into a usb port, that didn't fix it.
  • I tried the "smash it in frustration" approach, which only succeeded in breaking one of the feet.
  • It was so bad I decided to tear it apart and either finish it off or fix it. I didn't find anything to fix.
  • I eventually discovered that it works great backwards, or if I hold my hands at a funny angle. it seems the PCB and antenna are under the wrist pad, and something is causing me to interfere with it.
  • I dropped the receiver behind my desk almost at foot level and the keyboard seems to work great now. The mouse is another story...
  • I'm contemplating running a new antenna around the perimeter, so part of it is not under my hands
 It's all held together with philips screws, Thank you Logitech for not using some stupid tamper-resistant screws. Be careful, pulling the membrane off created quite a static charge, I hope I didn't do any ESD damage.
 The switch thingie is a 3 piece plastic thing with circuits and contacts on the top and bottom with a separator in the center with holes for each key
I wiped each piece down with rubbing alcohol.
 Put the zoom button and mute button on the lower part, all the other keys are snapped into the upper part.