Monday, January 16, 2012


If you read Part 2 of my Sanguinololu Build you saw my arduino ISP (in Circuit Programmer) built on a breadboard to burn bootloaders my 1284p's. It worked really good, but I had to be really careful not to bump any wires loose or pull them out accidentally.
Some day I may buy a proper ISP, but until then it would be nice to have something that would work on the rather rare occasion I actually need one. So I decided to make something more permanent but not require a dedicated Arduino either.

The Project:
  • Connect an Arduino to any 6 pin AVRISP header
  • Include status LED's
  • Be completely removable (mounted on headers)
There you have it, 3 led's (Pulse, Error, Data?) Schematic was figured from the Burning the Sanguino Bootloader using Arduino as ISP page.  LED's are dead bugged on the header, not sure if you even need the cap. just plug in the 2 headers, the 6 pin ISP plug and burn away!

Seems to work so far, Tried it on my other arduino, not really extensive testing, but seems to work.I'd like to make a couple pcb's for various chips with the 6 pin ISP header on them, but that's all for now.

Just built a second one, decided to move the ground from the power side to the io pin side, that allows selection of 5v or 3.3v on the VCC wire. or you can leave it disconnected if your target is self powered.

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