Saturday, January 12, 2013

Drill Press Chuck Repair

I've been thinking about starting on another 3d printer, I have some spare time and I gave the one I started last year away. I have some angle iron and a bunch of 608ZZ bearings, so what's stopping me?
The chuck on my drill press broke. At first it just wouldn't tighten up, then it fell apart (some time ago, I hadn't gotten around to replacing it yet).

Note: Picture taken after I started on the repair.
From what I can tell the ring shaped piece is supposed to be one piece and the outer piece is held to it by a tight fit. I tried heating the outer piece and shrinking it onto the broken ring without success, undoubtedly it's worn and there is just too much force from the chuck key. At this point I priced a new (cheap) one at $25. Not bad, but I have one more last ditch effort before I buy it.

Plan B

I took an angle grinder and ground a hole on each side through the outer piece aligned where the ring sets (with it disassembled). I aligned my hole with the crack in the ring and touched it with the grinder to clean for welding.
I heated it with a propane torch prior to welding, I've found this helpful when welding heavy steel with a small MIG.

Ground Smooth(ish)
It seems to work, tightens and loosens freely, doesn't slip when reefing on it with the key either. It's a quick, cheap fix, so if it fails I haven't lost anything and I'll have to buy a new one.
Now I have to find my drill bits and make some slides.

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