Saturday, May 26, 2012


The Y axis is the same basic design as the X axis.

Initially I built the Y axis rails too short. My father has told me to measure twice and cut once, Applying that would have saved me considerable time and materials. The upside is I have more travel on the Y axis than I expected, about 14".

I have just clamped the two frames together for now, I want the table on so I can level it before drilling the holes to attach the Y-axis.

I completed the z axis too, same basic design. I'm getting ready to move, so the last time my brother visited I gave him the semi-completed frame in hope that he may have more time to work on it than me. It just needs a table, motors and lead screws to be working. Whether he has time to work on it or not remains to be seen, but I know I won't have any time for at least a few months. I still want a 3d printer, I kept all my electronics, when I have time I'll build another one.

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