Monday, December 26, 2011

Laptop on a wall

What do you do when you get a laptop with a broken screen? I priced a screen and it cost half a new laptop.

I've been using my laptop as a desktop for several years now and the biggest problem I've run into is the amount of space it takes up on my desk. I could shove it in a drawer or something, but then I can't turn it on...

A while back my father broke the screen on his laptop, after pricing a new screen he bought a new laptop, and the old one was buried in a closet. I've been pondering what to do with it ever since, it seemed a waste to just throw it out.

I finally decided to mod the power switch so it would be outside the case, then I could shove it somewhere and still turn it on and off, unfortunately it won't power on when the lid is closed. 

I've always liked "naked" electronics. All the components, right there for anyone to see, no silly plastic designed to look good, covering up an amazing array of traces, chips, caps, etc. So I tore it down, mounted it to the wall and hooked it up. I'm thinking about a plexiglass cover and some sort of frame to hide the wires eventually. I think it's cool, and I now have half my desk back.

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